Modern Tap

This modern tap is extremely functional and easy to use by all members of the family.


Dripping Tap

If you are (like most people) on a water meter, a dripping tap is costing you money. Let Freshwater repair / replace it for you.

Modern Tap

Are you on a water meter and fed up with bigger bills ? Did you know that a dripping tap can waste up to 140 litres of water a week.

Old style taps scale up. When this happens the water will run down the underneath of the tap 'body' and over time it will leak through the base of the bath or basin.

If you have an old rubber style 'push on shower hose' attachment fitted to your bath taps and it doesn't fit properly, this will eventually cause the water to spray back and seep through the bath sealant and in time through the floor boards causing a wet ceiling!! By changing the bath taps to a modern bathfiller with shower attachment, you can help prevent leaks and water damage. Even if you already have a separate shower cubicle, having a bath mixer with a shower attachment provides a convenient way of both washing hair and cleaning the bath or even washing the dog!!

Dripping taps cost money - replace yours and save pounds. Contact us for your no obligation quote.

Outside taps are ideal for convenient easy access to water for the garden / greenhouse and also for washing the car!

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