It is dangerous to 'overload' a single electrical socket point with multiple adapter plugs. This can soon become a fire risk!!


Outdoor sockets make using electrical items outside significantly easier and also improve safety.

Damaged and / or cracked interior socket points can be dangerous and we strongly recommend that these are replaced.

When replacing sockets it is also advisable to consider upgrading a single socket point to a double or even a treble!

Most properties are fitted with standard white plastic electric sockets. When replacing yours, why not consider chic modern chrome or brass fittings to add a little more 'finnese' to your decor.

Add an outdoor socket to reduce the inconvenience and hassle of pulling out an extension lead every time you want to cut the lawn, hoover the car or plug in the christmas lights etc. An outdoor socket can be single or double and needs to be RCD protected for safety.

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