Electric showers heat the water within the shower unit, avoiding the heat loss that can occur between boiler and bathroom.


Showers can save you money twice, less water costs and less energy costs.

Too busy for a bath? Not enough hours in the day? Fancy a quick freshen up? then maybe it's time to have a shower!

Showers versus baths - the average eight minute shower uses 62 litres of hot water, against 80 litres for the average bath (Waterwise Project 2011) By adding a shower water restricter device - the water consumption for a eight minute shower can be reduced to 32 litres!

Waterwise (2011) estimates that by reducing your shower time to four minutes you can save approximately £40 per year in combined energy and water consumption.

Showers can be fitted almost anywhere in your home and come in many different types and styles. The type of shower you have depends on your water supply.

Gravity fed water systems - showers that are fed from cold water stored from a tank in the loft and hot water stored in a separate cylinder ( these showers work more efficiently if they have their own water supply)

If you have a combi-boiler a thermostatic shower bar mixer will be more suitable (no pump required)

Contact us for advice and information about other shower options.

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