In addition to providing a more invigourating shower , the pump maintains water pressure protecting you from heat extremes when water is used elsewhere in the house.


If your house has been extended, a shower pump will ensure that all parts of the house have good water pressure.

Installing a 'booster' pump will increase the pressure to your hot and cold water supply. Add one just to increase the intensity of the shower experience or a larger pump which will increase the water pressure throughout the entire property.

Pumps can be installed in the airing cupboard, under the bath or in the loft - depending on the size of the pump required and the space available.

The majority of pumps are usually installed in properties where the water supply is gravity fed, via a cold water tank and hot water cylinder. Modern day pumps are quiet running and can be wired into the mains or lighting circuit, depending on the position of the installation of the pump.

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