Modern radiators are much more efficient and now come with fins and single or double panel - vastly increasing the heat output from the same wall space.


Thermostatic radiator valves can be a useful addition by providing room level control of the temperature.

Radiators are usually fitted throughout the house heated via the gas ( or sometimes oil) fired central heating system. Old syle radiators tend to be big and bulky and not as energy efficient as the new slimline (convector) style modern radiators fitted with thermostatic valves.

If a radiator becomes rusty along the bottom edge, it could start to leak without always being seen. This will eventually cause damage to carpets and flooring , especially upstairs, when often the first sign of a problem is a stained ceiling!

Replacing an inefficient radiator is usually cheaper than replacing damaged carpet or ceilings.

If you prefer the more traditional column style radiators, to fit in with the character of your home these can still be supplied and fitted. The new updated ones are 'on par' with the convector radiators for efficiency and fuel economy.

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