Stud frame for new en suite bathroom

Stud frame for new en-suite bathroom.


Stud frame lagged and sealed

Stud frame was lagged and coated with waterproof membrane.

Ipswich En Suite

Ipswich En-Suite Creation


A retired couple wanted a walk in shower room but wanted to keep the bathroom as it was.

What we did

FPE visited the couple to discuss their options. We discussed converting the bathroom into a shower room, but the couple preferred to keep the original bathroom for future selling purposes. The couple had their own ideas and drawings for creating an en-suite shower room in their existing bedroom. After further discussion and on completion of a survey of the outside drainage FPE put the couple's plans into action. The built in wardrobes were removed from the bedroom, a section of carpet was removed and the stud walls, new door lining and 'borrowed' window built to specification. The walls were insulated, coated with a waterproof membrane and plastered on both sides. The consumer unit was upgraded to allow for the new electric shower, lighting, electric towel radiator and extractor fan. A new soil pipe was installed for the W.C and all new drainage was laid outside. With the new space now created, it was time to install the shower tray, vanity unit and W.C.

The Finished Product

The couple were delighted with their new en-suite, which blends in perfectly with their bedroom. With careful planning, FPE have helped the couple realise their plans for a new shower room. They have maintained the original bathroom and maximised the full potential of the bedroom space.

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